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Storing Our Herbs

Glass jars are really the only acceptable way to store herbs and plants. This is what all herbalists will say. It is a huge expense and pain in the ass because it takes so much room. Glass jars don't squash down in tubs. But Ed and I are committed to the quality of our products and their powers. We dry our herbs hanging inside in the work room if they are very large, like the Queen Palm berry fronds, or we use our food dehydrators. We keep the temperature set below 117 degrees in the dehydrators, so that all the essential oils are preserved in the dry herb. This takes a couple of days or even a week to get plants to a perfect state of dryness and preservation. Then on the correct day of the week, i.e. Moon herbs on Monday, do we bottle things up in glass jars and label them. Because we also try to harvest on the correct day of the week, we have so many things going at once. We have running, two large commercial dehydrators and lots of things hanging all the time. Our friends and guests do think we are quite weird.

Hundreds of dollars have been spent at Mary's Ace Hardware on Rampart Street in the kitchen department. Ball glass canning jars in half gallon size are our favorite purchase. We also order Anchor Hocking one gallon jars. On date night, Ed and I visit the giant restaurant supply stores in New Orleans and shop for cool stuff for our workroom and alchemy lab. It's an interesting life alright.

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