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Biodynamic Gardening-an esoteric method of agriculture created by Rudolf Steiner

Biodynamic gardening is a holistic and organic method of agriculture that is part of a larger philosophy and science created by Austrian scientist and esotericist Rudolf Steiner. Steiner created Anthroposophy, also known as Spiritual Science, which believes in an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world, accessible to human experience through inner development and it views the world to be a living being; a physical world influenced by the spiritual realm. In 1924, nearby farms in eastern Germany were suffering from the overuse of chemical fertilizer, when the farmers asked Steiner for a solution that would bring vitality back to the soil and livestock.

The Biodynamic method strives to be self sustaining and has an esoteric perspective of agriculture and ecosystems that is beyond the physical and chemical. It uses the influence of astrological occurrences to indicate the time for the sowing, reaping and harvesting and the creation of animal, mineral and plant preparations to nourish the soil and plants. The spiritual properties of the preparations also serve to bond the farmer to farm. Nine different Biodynamic preparations are used to fortify the soil, encourage plant growth, and protect from pests and disease. None of the preparations are arbitrarily applied. Different rhythms of the universe regulate application of all treatments, including watering, in order to take advantage of the properties of each different preparation and power of the cosmos. There is also a compost starter used to create the proper ecosystem for making a vigorous compost pile from vegetative scraps. Numerous teas and green manure are also used in the Biodynamic method.

Biodynamic agriculture is governed by lunar and astrological events which occur daily, monthly and seasonally: Morning and night, full moon or new moon, solstice to equinox and others. Certain preparations are best used early in the morning, others in the late evening and some in winter while others in spring and summer. Similarly, harvesting, pruning and sowing follow the rhythms of moon phases. Transplanting is best on a descending moon where as the time to cut flowers is on an ascending moon. Fire, water, earth, or air elements of plants are stimulated when the moon passes through each constellation of the zodiac. Many other astronomical events influence the earth and its soil and plants; i.e. aspects among the planets, moon, and sun and their relationship to constellations.

Allos Anthropos Gardens use the biodynamic method for all of its horticulture projects. We believe that it’s the best way to grow plants that are healthy and prolific in a way connected to the specific spiritual associations of each plant. Our garden has been very successful thus far and our witch’s herb products reflect our hardwork and dedication.

More than 60 countries currently have more than 5000 biodynamic farms operating today.

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