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Notes and Bibliography from WitchCon 2021

This lecture was about Biodynamic gardening for Witches and Magicians

Bibliography and resources for WitchCon Gardening Class

By Elie Barnes, New Orleans, LA

Seeds and Plants

About Biodynamic gardening/ education and order soil preparations

Order the bio-dynamic Astronomical calendar for Josephine Porter Institute. There are several to choose from.

Kelloggs soil in bags.


Field Guides about Trees and Forests, American Wildflowers, Common Weeds of the United States, Rocks and Minerals, Birds. Field guides are published by many companies like The Audubon Society. Use and go to library book sales and look for used copies of books about your local bio-region. The more you know about the nature and seasonal cycles of your location, the more of a magical perspective will you gain. These kinds of books don’t get old of information. They keep their purpose for years. And of course, it is critical to learn true plant identification, if you forage in the wild.

Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs, Claire Kowakchick and William Hylton editors, Rodale Press 1998.

Secrets of Great Soil, Elizabeth Stell,

Storey Publishing 1998

A Modern Herbal Volume 1 and 2.

Mrs. M. Grieves, Dover Bools 1971

The Master Book of Herbalism, Rev. Paul Beyerl

Phoenix Publishing Co. 1984

A Compendium of Herbal Magick, Rev. Paul Beyerl

Phoenix Publishing Co. 1998

Culpepper’s Color Herbal

Edited by David Potterson

Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. 1983

The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook, Karen Harrison

Weiser Books, 2011

Books by Rudolf Steiner, particularly Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture, Translated for German. The Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association, Inc. 1993

Witchcraft and Herbalism

Plants of the Devil, Corinne Boyer

Three Hands Press, 2017

Mastering Herbalism, A Practical Guide, Paul Huson

Madison Books, 1974

The Witching Herbs, Harold Roth

Weiser Books, 2017

The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes, Richard and Iona Miller

Destiny Books, 1990

3 Book Set by Dale Pendell




North Atlantic Books, 2002, 2009, 2010

Viridarium Umbris, The Pleasure Garden of Shadows, Daniel A. Schulke

Xoanon, 2005

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