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We choose  our seeds and plant stock very carefully.

We buy plants in New Orleans at Harold's Nursery on St. Claude Street and Press,

and Renaissance Gardens on Judge Perez in Chalmette.

Strictly Medicinal Seeds

Alchemy Works

As we walk our dogs every day and roam around the city in our truck, we forage and wild craft, rummage, pick and groom: plants, trees and shrubs and many weeds. Louisiana is a very rich and productive land for plant growth. There is much neglected and abandoned property and large amounts of public green space and neutral ground. We add these collections to our list of plants and often use them in our magical creations. We list every plant with common and botanical name on every instruction insert in every product. Our aim is to promote knowledge and concern for native plants, immigrant species, southern United States foraging resources, medicinal healing weeds, and magical uses for all plants. We research extensively the plants we grow and gather. We pass this knowledge on to our clients with every product.

Magically, Ed and Elie live a lifestyle that is conducive to working according to a planetary and seasonal schedule. We study and implement Rudolf Steiner's Biodynamic gardening methods and we grow everything in organic soil blends. We add Mississippi river water to our herbs when we water. We gather a little graveyard dirt,  plant stones and crystals in the garden, feed the crows and toads and pray at altars of the Old Gods. We follow a simple astrological and ritual magic method that is in general alignment with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and British Traditional Witchcraft practices.  

For more info on biodynamic gardening:

Josephine Porter Institute

How To Order:  Allos Anthropos is a limited-edition, cottage-industry, hand-made magical business. We sell wholesale to the finest witchcraft and occult shops. Our orders are filled fresh and packaged quickly and shipped out. This ensures high quality freshness and power. We have rotating stock and we make magical artifacts every week, based on the landscape and season. We place photos of all our products in the Gallery. Please email us here and we will send you a wholesale price list. 

For More Information and to see what we are about, visit these links to see videos of the garden, check out our other websites and blogs, psychic life and art life.

Allos Anthropos YouTube channel

FaceBook pages: Allos Anthropos Magical Arts

AE Barnes and Elie Barnes Psychic

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