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A Little Invisible Hoodoo

Ed and I live in a magical city; a very diverse occult community. There are Wiccans, Family Traditional Witches, Initiated Lineage Covens, Conjure Folk, Hoodoo practitioners, Haitian Vodou practitioners, New Orleans VooDoo practitioners, Santeras and Santeros, Palo Mayombe and Quimbanda folk, Druids, Ordo Templi Orientis Temples, Temple of Set aficionados, Western Mystery Tradition groups, candle lighting Catholics, Ritual Magic/Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn students, Satanists and Pagans of all types of pre-Christian nomenclature. So we are never surprised when we hear of a specialty need in our community. And we leap to the call of service. Because deep in our hearts, we sincerely believe in Freedom of Religion.

In this instance, a dear magical person and professional psychic reached out to me, who needed immediate invisibility from other psychics. Geez, tall order. She asked for Mandrake and Belladonna and Chicory in addition to a few other things. We have Mandrake and Belladonna growing but they are not full grown, just babies; too young to harvest. Quickly, I thought about her needs, and looked in all my magical herb books to find the herbs we have in stock that could be used in concert to render her invisible. I pulled from stock the Herbs of the Moon packet, of course, because above all other associations, Moon is nighttime, cloudiness, shadow and psychic work. Ed created a bundle of fresh dried Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia suaveolens) and a packet of equal parts Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea), Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), and Chicory (Cichorium intybus). We blessed these packets for protection. I did not give this fine lady a spell to use, for she is a magnificently gifted magician, but I described how I would do a REVERSE psychic powers spell.

This is a spell I would perform using the Moon herb blend. It will block any psychic eye from ever seeing your business. Get a pitch black candle, (vegetable wax if possible), two black cloths about 18 inches square, a tiny dried black bean and a picture of the person to be rendered invisible. If you are on a balcony or porch, you will need to get some dirt from your yard or nearby park or garden. Begin the spell work at 11:30 pm on Saturday night. In the middle of a garden, courtyard or balcony, under the moon, place the first black square of cloth directly onto the dirt or soil. Use a windproof area so the candle will keep burning in the night. Place the picture of the person to be hidden under the black candle in the center of the cloth, with no dish used under the candle; the layers will be dirt, cloth, and picture then candle. Take the little black bean and scratch into its surface the opposite letter of the person’s first name. So if the person is named Cathy, the opposite letter of C is X, if your name starts with L, the opposite letter would be O. Facing South, throw the black bean over your left shoulder, throwing towards the North. Do not look for the bean ever again. Then sprinkle about two tablespoons of the Moon Herbs around the black candle near to its base, directly onto the cloth. Precisely at midnight, light the candle and say the person’s name backwards three times. It is best to write down the full name and then transcribe it by writing the letters in reverse order but grouping by syllables. For instance, John Allen Doe would be…Eod Nella Nhoj. Then turn your back on the working site and go inside and go to bed immediately. At dawn, Sunday morning, go outside and place the second black cloth over the entire working; the cloth, herbs, photo and melted candle. It all should be melted into a solid mass. Leave this for 24 hours undisturbed. Monday morning at dawn, collect the spell by folding over each side of both black cloths together, not looking at the contents, using a large needle to pin the four sides together. Place this working into a coffee can or Mason jar and put it into a public trash can. If you ever find the black bean, immediately throw it over the left shoulder again, facing South and throwing North. Never spend one second doubting the power of this working!

The reasons that Ed chose Angel Trumpet is because it is a most powerful psychic eye opener and tool to speak with the dead. Clary Sage, Mugwort and Chicory are also eye openers and are used to learn information about one’s enemy. So in a reverse working they would confuse the eye of the enemy. A potent tea can also be brewed from these four plants. We cannot recommend how to do this and in what quantity because we do not want to be responsible for another person’s safety. But if you are a magical practitioner who studies medicinal and hallucinogenic plants and shamanic spirit travel, then you will know exactly how to use these in a safe way for your body weight and experience. During the astral journey or night flight, the magician could sneak up on the enemy and place a cloaking device on their third eye, and sneak away backwards. In this way, the enemy will never see you come or go and will actually never see you again. Blessings from Allos Anthropos in all your endeavors.

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