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Magical Arts


Herbs Grown by Hand, Charms, Fetishes and Occult Formulary 

Worked and Blessed by New Orleans Witches

True Will, 9th Ward Soil

Mississippi River Water

Lux et Nuit


ALLOS ANTHROPOS are Greek words meaning “other men”, or “different people”. These words became a seed idea during an art trip to New York City. On April 10th in 2009, Elie Barnes and her daughter Harriet were looking at ancient artifacts in the Natural History Museum. Both women, terribly interested in anthropology, archaeology, ancient art and magic, decided to start making magical artifacts that mimicked the work of peoples long disappeared.  Elie and Harriet are both gifted natural psychics and mediums, born into a family of esoterically minded folks, so it was not odd that they arrived back home and set up a magical workshop.  They also hailed from a long line of organic gardeners.


Elie and Harriet started growing herbs in a magical garden, using the plants to make magic charms. They spent weekends on family country land or at the water’s edge in Northwest Florida. They trekked high and low, finding all manner of wild artifacts, bones and shells, feathers and stones, pieces of gnarled wood, chunks of sea glass. They created beautiful charms and fetishes and began to give them as gifts.



Then, Elie’s longtime companion, Ed Bradley started working the herb garden in earnest, supplying a wider variety of plants and roots. Harriet went off to college and Ed and Elie moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.  Elie and Ed moved the magical gardens over a three year period, keeping their house in Florida but living most of the time in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, near the Mississippi river in the Upper 9th Ward. Now they produce very high quality, magically charged herbs from their garden and make them into a variety of bundles, planetary blends, talismans, amulets, and spell kits.  Today, you will find the products of ALLOS ANTHROPOS in fine occult shops, all handmade and blessed by Elie and Ed. Harriet works with them during her vacations and provides constant research, ideas, and magical energy in her own special way.


Elie Barnes is a famous fine art painter (A.E. Barnes), trained occultist, practicing witch, and professional psychic reader (Elie Barnes Psychic). She has degrees in Philosophy and Comparative Religion.

Ed Bradley is a professional gardener and student of herbalism. He also studies Rudolph Steiner's method of biodynamic organic gardening and has degrees is Business and Accounting.  


Harriet Barnes-Duke has a masters degree in Anthropology and Music and plays violin in several groups. She travels the world and researches culture and magic and music.


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